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We have been involved in the sheep industry for more than 50 years raising quality seedstock in the Suffolk, Dorset and Hampshire breeds. By stressing predictability, mothering and milking ability in our females along with structural correctness, we have been very successful in all breeds.

Several years ago we began watching the Katahdin breed and became very interested. In August of 2014, we started our breeding program. We purchased Mountain View’s (Eric Daulton) 14 replacement ewe lambs. We also acquired 5 remarkable ewe lambs from Dave and Jane Smith (SCD) and 4 top females from Pipestone (Doc Kennedy). These females will be the base of our foundation flock. They are very structurally correct with exceptional good length of body, especially hip length. We held these females over for breeding in the spring for some fall lambs.

All of our sheep are DNA tested for scrapies and spider syndrome. Our flock is forage based on rotational pastures with minimal grain fed.

Over the years, our daughter Abby, showed Dorsets and Hampshires across the country, received her American Farmer Degree and other honors with the sheep. We have worked with numerous other young 4-H and FFA junior members, helping them to achieve their goals and look forward to working with young Katahdin breeders.

Inquiries are always welcome.

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